Speak Out: U.S. leaving Paris accord

Readers reacted to a recent Commentary by Alison Vogt, interim director for The Nature Conservancy in Delaware headlined “Leaving the Paris pact puts the US at a disadvantage” wherein she writes:

“The reason for urgency is clear. With each new report, from both international and U.S. agencies, it is becoming increasingly clear that the threats posed from climate impacts are growing in both number and size …

“As the lowest lying state in the nation, Delaware is on the front lines. These impacts include more frequent and intense flooding and erosion along our rivers and coastal communities. Sea level rise at Bowers Beach, along Delaware’s Bayshore, is climbing at a faster rate than anywhere else along the Atlantic Coast. Wilmington lies at the confluence of two tidal rivers and is vulnerable to flooding along the Brandywine and Christina Rivers. Climate impacts are not something that happens to other people in other places. They are happening here and now.”

• No it doesn’t. It makes the United States stronger. Stop listening to the lamestream media. — Ryan Fenimore

• I believe that France was just recently sued over violating the Paris climate agreement, not the US. They won’t even do their part. — Travis Rust

• No one follows it so why be part of it? — Hilary Ennis

• The majority of pollution and emissions comes from the developing world in Asia and Africa. This agreement did nothing to curb it there. — Jake Truitt

• And yet it really doesn’t. It was a ripoff for us. — Mark Schmalhofer

• We paid our fair share while other countries didn’t. Yet many other countries were the big polluters well above the USA.— Jon Walczak

• And the next Ppesident may very well likely sign the pact again. Presidents are temporary. Americas is forever. — Susan Janis

Why do we need to be part of the Paris Climate Accord. Why do we need to support the world? It’s not like were refusing to go green or clean up, just that we shouldn’t be paying the bill. — Bob Hice

• This comment makes no sense. It’s the perverted policies of Trump that seek to deny global warming and oppose the needed changes to keep Delaware above water. — Alan Muller

•Maybe you should contact the real world polluters like Russia, China and India. Maybe they should pay their way themselves for a change. — Alex Fowler

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