Speak Out: Unlock the Block working to boost downtown

The Downtown Dover Partnership, NCALL and a team of their resource partners announced on Monday they have combined to embark on the second round of the “Unlock the Block” program.

The program aims to bring even more businesses to the city’s central business district around Loockerman Street. It also seeks to improve opportunities for current retailers in the area.

• I as going to say that any long term improvement has to include ample and affordable parking downtown. — Dan Maher

• There actually is a lot of parking downtown but if they try and put meters in it will only drive people away from downtown. — James Sack

• Maybe be open to established businesses not buying the prime real estate when the downtown revitalization program first launched? — Ashley Holzinger

Free credit monitoring for troops

The following dialogue came from the Facebook page of U.S. Sen. Chris Coons, who along with U.S. Sen. Tom Carper, urged Equifax, Experian and TransUnion to provide free credit monitoring to all active duty service members, regardless of where they are stationed and serving.

•Thank you both for actually penning something worthwhile..Its greatly appreciated,especially realizing this is the best you’ve done in how many years ? Don’t get me wrong anytime an elitist helps a service personnel it’s a good thing and a very rare occurrence. Thanks again — Nedra Reidy Hicks

• How about we hold all companies that have and share our data to make money be held accountable for data breaches? How many times this have to happen before we hold them to a standard? or even set ones? This is a CYA and nothing more — Jim Taylor.

• This one is simple. The default is that the credit reporting companies need the individual’s permission to disclose information. It is the credit reporting — agency’s responsibility to verify identity. — Steve Colino

• People already get free credit monitoring. — Ronald Nicholas Eckton

• Taking credit for the fact that All consumers (including vets) are already entitled to a free credit check/report. — Michael Descoteaux

• Is this different than just free credit reports? — Kimberley Lake

• Try again coons .. we get free credit scores.. now can you get to the Boarder issue. — Faye Wing

• They could have gotten this through any number of free apps. The question is, will it also assist in the recovery of loss due to fraud like a pay service such as “life lock”.

If it doesn’t, this is nothing but useless do nothing legislation. — Mike Davis

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