Speak Out: Voting ‘barriers’

Readers reacted to a recent commentary by Gov. John Carney headlined “Let’s remove the barriers to voting in Delaware.”

• The real problem, as Gov. Carney stated, is voter apathy, which is primarily due to politicians not doing what they promised. Having said that, I would vote no to same-day registration but yes to the other ideas he puts forward like consolidating all elections at one time, extending voting hours or maybe two days, including a weekend day. — Scott Berry

• Delaware needs to change their primary rules so all Delaware residents will be able to vote. Delaware is tied to the two political parties so not everyone has a voice. This is blatantly wrong. — Sandy McDermott Lewis

• I do not agree with same-day registration. I do believe we should educate ourselves and vote. Parents should take kids with them to vote and make a special time of it. Everyone should have and be required to present picture ID. Delaware Motor Vehicles offers these very inexpensively (last time I checked $1.15). Voting is important. I am not sure I believe that voting “willy nilly” without educating one’s self is helpful. Of course, that is not always easy since there is so much misinformation out there. — Ellen Jarrell Hamilton

• Republicans hate it when Americans vote. — Jim Kelley

• I believe you’re wrong there. Republicans hate it when illegals vote. Isn’t that why you don’t want voter ID? — Richard Cutchin

• No, I disagree. Republicans don’t want the poor and minorities to vote because they usually vote for Democrats, so they make it as hard as possible, instead of easier, for them to vote. It is quite unAmerican of Republicans to make it harder to vote, even if it’s for people who usually don’t vote for them. Shame Shame. — Richard Cutchin

• Yea, what could possibly go wrong? Not registered, just come on in and vote. It’s very easy to vote in any state today with the current state laws in place. Get off of your rear end and register. — John P. Leech

• An available weekend vote would be nice. — Michael Campbell

• Who will pay for those who work on election days? Many take time off their regular full time jobs to work one day. Delaware is such a small state why is there a need?

Who will be able to check those who just walk up and say “ I’m going to register today and vote?” Will they have to prove they live in Delaware?

I do not see anything wrong with the way elections are held in Delaware. At least we have voting machines and not paper ballots! — Cindy Christiansen

• Everybody knows there is an election coming up every two years. If you don’t have the time to get registered, you don’t need to vote. Same-day registration is an easy way to cheat. So is automatic registration at the DMV. How many illegals will be able to vote that way? Just look at California. — Alex Fowler

• I do not agree with same-day registration. Of all the ways government is expected to “accommodate” the public, isn’t it about time people are trained from the beginning about being “responsible” and making “good decisions” about their lives. Adults should not have to have their hands held all the way through life. Procrastination should not be the government’s problem. Children are taught about politics, the history of voting and what it costs to have the privilege, and how to vote. It’s not anyone else’s fault if a person 18 years and older does not take their responsibility seriously. Stop mollycoddling these people for the sake a a vote! They didn’t vote. They live with what everyone else voted for. — Barbara G. Cool

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