Speak Out: Voting by mail

House Bill 175 would allow Delawareans to vote without going to a polling place by enabling them to submit ballots through mail.

The measure, if it passes, would take effect for primary, general or special elections beginning in 2022. It would not replace in-person voting.

• Voting by mail seems like a disaster in the making. — Mike Sawyer

• We already have absentee voting by mail and it works. — Amy Walton

• Voting by mail, by all means. Let’s further weaken the system, after we complain how easy it is to corrupt. — Bob Hartman

• Computers have been hacked and ballots have been altered, by foreign entities. — Cheri Zatko-Coseglia

You think they can’t change a paper ballot, or throw them away? — Debra Meinhardt Petro

• Or lose in the mail which has happened already. — Lisa Garber

• Voting by mail works in other states. Anything that makes it easier to vote should be welcomed. — Stephanie Hart

• If you don’t care enough about America to go vote in person then you shouldn’t be voting. — Jimmy Biggs

• There are folks who cannot vote in person for a number of reasons. Everyone should be afforded the opportunity to vote no matter how they do it. — Diane Kurz Henneberg

• The two downsides in mail in voting are possible fraud but more importantly, timing to send them off. Similar to absentee ballots, they may or may not even get counted. If the spread is larger than the paper ballots, they don’t matter. But what if you vote for someone, then change your mind based on current events? — Lisa Bell

• Has a cost analysis been done for voting by mail? There is a large cost with current system and perhaps moving to a vote by mail only could be more cost effective than this proposed additional way to vote. — William Falzareno

• Voting by mail? Really?? Voting by mail already exists. It’s known as absentee balloting. But this new twist has all the earmarks for enabling voter fraud. And, how convenient to enable political abuse. — R Howard Anthony

• Voting by mailed-out ballot is not an open invitation to fraud, as long as it is implemented using best-practices — including signature verification and ballot tracking software a la Ballot Scout.

In the three 100% vote by mailed-out ballot states (CO, OR, WA) and those already well over 50% (AZ, CA, HI, MT) there is no difference in the (very low) fraud issues when compared to polling place centric states.

As to cost, 100% mailed-out ballot voting states see, on average, between $2 – $5 per voter, per election, saved. This comes from having fewer polling place workers, more centralized scanning and counting equipment, etc.

Mr. Falzareno raises a good point, that a 100% mailed-out solution is where the big savings are found. But history says moving gracefully into this over time is what works for both voters and elections officials. — Gerry Langeler

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