Speak Out: Voting changes

Democrats on Wednesday filed three bills that would establish early voting and same-day voter registration and move the primary election from September to April.

• I am registered as unaffiliated because I don’t want to be associated with either party. I support what’s right, not what’s best for a party. I am banned from choosing a leader in the primary. Same-day voter registration is just another avenue for Democrats to gain more illegal votes

I happened to run into a feller last night visiting from Boston on business. He said he was working with the state on the new voter machines. I told him I’ve lived here and voted 22 years and not once has there been a problem with voting in Delaware. Now all of the sudden they want to replace all the machines. I see many problems on the horizon.

The one problem we do have is too many elections. Not too bad lately but a while back it seemed every other month there was a special election, Why not do them all at one time? They do it like that every other place I have lived. Also, it has been done in other places to put issues on a ballot other than school referendums. That way a political party can’t ram stuff down your throat. — Bob Hice

• There are elections two years apart. If you cant find the time to get registered, you are not really interested anyway. Same day registration? So they vote, nobody will check if they are really legally allowed to vote (Yes, I read they have to sign a paper. Who is going to check on it and verifies after the election?). Why not be honest, Democrats. Every single vote by illegals will be called “popular vote” like you keep harping on with Hillary. — Alex Fowler

• The one sentence that jumped out at me… “While it might be seen as an inconvenience to some by having an earlier primary…” Here we go with the “screw the people who do what they’re supposed to do and give crutches to the people who don’t do what they’re supposed to do and who then cry ‘not fair”! I’m tired of rewarding the lazy at the expense of those who have to support them and give up their principles for them.

Make people more responsible for themselves and please stop catering to them! I am not referencing people who actually have legitimate reasons for not being able to make the polls; I’m referencing procrastinators. They know what they’re doing and not doing but always blame someone else. Long story short, I disagree vehemently to same-day registration. They have months and months to register. Be responsible. — Barbara G. Cool

• Love moving the primary up. This should move through our state house with no opposition. Those who oppose are simply seeking to keep their seat. — Mark Pugh

• That’s wonderful news, as long as they require identification and citizenship. I wouldn’t mind having one thumb dipped in purple dye either. — Frederick Tate

• The very few illegal aliens who vote are a far cry less than those legal Americans who have been left out of the voting process. So, it is far more “American” to assure legal Americans the vote than being overly paranoid about the very few illegal Americans who do. — Jim Kelley

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