Speak Out: Voting in Delaware

Readers reacted to a Sunday commentary by Rep. Gerald Hocker headlined “No reason to change Delaware’s voting system.”

• Lord help me, I actually agree with a politician. Leave our voting system alone please. What is wrong with showing a Delaware state-issued ID when you go to vote? — Timmy Harmon

• I am not an expert by any means, but if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. I’ve voted on Election Day and have even done an absentee ballot because I had to be out of state away from my polling place that day. About the only thing I would change (at the polls) would be having a “Photo ID” rule. I cannot remember ever having to show my ID. I had my registration card, but they never asked for my ID. They’ve even told me, when I offered my ID, that all they needed was the card. — Guy Fowler

• Doesn’t matter. Our Electoral votes just go to whomever wins the national popular vote. We’re a small state. If you thought your vote mattered little before, it means absolutely nothing now. — Justin Neal Capps

• The Electoral College is outdated. The popular vote for all other elections works, so we should have it for the presidential election as well. The president serves all, not just a few purple swing states. All votes matter, not just by a few targeted states. And land mass does not vote, people do. States should not elect our president, voters should. — Jim Kelley

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