Speak Out: Wall lawsuit

Delaware Attorney General Kathy Jennings has joined 15 other attorneys general in a lawsuit to block President Trump’s unilateral spending of federal defense funds for construction of a border security wall under the category of an emergency,

• The state of Delaware has no standing in this matter, and consequently this suit would be thrown out immediately if we actually lived under an impartial justice system that had integrity and was not beholden first and foremost to political considerations. How is the state of Delaware harmed by the president’s declaration? What are the citizens of Delaware being deprived of, and what thing or things of tangible value would be restored to the citizens of Delaware if this suit is successful? Moreover, the court has no authority to appraise the validity of the president’s motivations; that’s a matter for the voters to decide.

The court only has the authority to appraise the constitutionality of the president’s actions. Congress however, is not without a means of recourse with which to control the power it granted to the president through the National Emergencies Act; it can stop a president from invoking the National Emergencies Act if it is able to muster a veto-proof, super majority. Absent that though, the president is acting completely within the legal scope of the powers of his office. — John Daliani

• What is happening to the state of Delaware? The people running our State are disgraceful. Do what the people want. Those that want our country to be invaded and our people dying from drugs, take these people into your homes and keep them. Leave us out of your stupidity. — Mary Jane Smith

• You know that addicts make the choice to do drugs. Nobody is coming across the border and forcing people to do drugs. Personal responsibility use to be a value we believed in. Prohibition worked so well. Everybody just magically stop drinking in the 20s right? Good grief. That non-emergency wall is not going to stop crime in Wilmington. New Street In Dover isn’t going to change because of a wall. Border security requires more than just a wall. Your president is just pandering to you. Don’t buy his con. — Charlene Randall Korejko

• The drugs come in by sea and air and as long as the demand is there and money to be made they’ll keep coming. That wall will not stop the drugs the American drug lords will make sure of that. — Miranda Diependaal

• The powers that be are wasting out tax dollars again. This Delawarean supports the wall. — Miranda Diependaal

• What a shame this AG was even elected. She ran on an anti-Trump platform, but is on social media touting criminal justice reform, which the same president signed into law. As far as the wall, we already have them and they need to be competed. It amazes me that we do not know how many illegal aliens are in the country, or how many have overstayed their visas, bring in diseases while the Democrats cry and moan about the conditions we place them in, which are far better than the countries they left. Mind-boggling, simply mind-boggling we waste our time in this lawsuit. — Kevin Outten

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