Speak Out: Walmart gun policy

Walmart said this week it will discontinue the sale of handgun ammunition and also publicly request that customers refrain from openly carrying firearms in stores even where state laws allow it.

• I applaud them for taking this step. And management are mostly Republicans. Republicans that care! Pretty cool and rare! — Sharon Maxwell Dudley

• I applaud Walmart for making such a bold move. It doesn’t infringe on hunters’ rights, yet takes a step to protect people.— Paula Giordano

•The Constitution and the 2A has nothing to do with hunting. — Jon Walczak

• At least they are putting their customers’ lives above profit. Good to know those who like guns won’t be going there now. — N Taylor Collins

• You know bullets don’t jump off the shelves? Or, that Walmart isn’t the sole source for bullets? — Christopher Foxwell

• Well they just announced that every location will be a soft target for anyone wanting to come and kill everyone inside. — Jackie Veal Cates

• Walmart had no choice but to do this but they should also ban selling assault weapons, guns, and ammunition totally. Public outcry has an effect — at least it’s a start. — Mary Lynn Haines-O’Neal

• I’ll still carry my firearm when I’m in Walmart. Their policy makes no difference to me. — Carl Clark

• Does that mean those that are prohibited will check theirs at the door? Fat chance! Protect your family and yourself, folks. Crazy times and you don’t want to end up one of those statistics. — Deborah Hilton Herrmann

•They asked customers to refrain from open carry. Not a problem if you’re licensed for concealed carry. — Philip L Puschel

• This is a completely symbolic gesture. If Walmart wants to do this then what do I care? But, let’s not pretend for a moment this changes anything. They are not the sole source of ammo. Buy them elsewhere. And how does this protect their customers? Does a person intent on killing people really purchase ammo at the store before committing their crime? I suspect not. Jeffrey Boyer

• I’d rather take my chances behind a law-abiding carrying citizen, or have a chance to protect myself and others then cowering in the corner helpless while waiting for the next hit. These shooters who have head problems are gonna get in regardless, and they won’t be carrying handguns. All this request does is tell them, OK the coast is clear. Walmart is acting out of fear of guns in general and not thinking about who the people are that actually carries them. Take the good people who carry out of the equation and they are really setting their employees and customers up. I know I’d feel safer knowing the law-abiding citizens are carrying, instead of only the one headcase who rolls in with an assault rifle. — Stephanie Kelly

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