Speak Out: Warmbier death

The parents of American college student Otto Warmbier, who died following months of detention in North Korea, rebuked President Donald Trump on Friday, saying Kim Jong Un “and his evil regime” are responsible for their son’s death. President Trump later said his comments were misinterpreted.

• While it is the most basic instinct to blame the regime known for its brutality and separation from the rest of the world, one has to know that as a foreigner, especially one from the U.S., he went to a place where he was inherently unwelcome. Otto, at the end of the day and as sad as it may be, was to blame for his own death. — Jeremiah Jones

•Doing idiotic things (stealing) should NEVER equate to torture, coma, and ultimately death. Never. — Cheri Zatko-Coseglia

• One thing to remember that for some reason, the younger generation forget. When you are in another country you come under their laws. You will most likely not have a liberal judge or an easy prison sentence. So you are responsible for your own actions. — Bob Smith

• Just to be clear, you guys are OK with what happened? I mean, most of you seem OK with the fact that this guy was killed for stealing a sign or poster by a murderous regime who our president has stated he has a love affair with? Really? Killed over a freaking sign deserves death?— Gary Greer

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