Speak Out: Weighing in on expanded background checks

The following conversation was taken from U.S. Rep. Lisa Blunt Rochester’s post on Facebook about the bipartisan legislation passed by the House to expand background checks.

• Let’s find a way to enforce the background checks already in place before we insist we need new ones. — Jake SnyderJ

• Please explain where background checks would have stopped even one of these mass shootings? So, the bicameral system is actually working and you aren’t happy with it? Thankfully other states elect representatives that support the constitution instead of trying to go around it follow it. — David Walters

• I wish our representatives would stop playing into the rhetoric and partisan politics and work on issues that are sustainable and actually do something. You think someone getting a gun on the street is going through a background check? This rhetoric feeds on the uneducated and naive. I’m not even a 100 percent pro gun supporter and your turning me away. Data even points out that the proposals would not have stalled any of the past shootings. — Edward Graves Jr

• This is a great PSA. It is so disturbing that you can’t watch it and not care about the plague of school shootings. I don’t know who came up with this but I congratulate them on their brilliance. They know how to make a point. We need to run this on FAUX News, every 10 minutes. I’ll pitch in to help pay for it. — David Wooten

• Reminds me of The 1958 to Early 1960s when we lived under the threat of nuclear attack. Remember scrambling to get under you desk or into windowless hallways! Not knowing if it is real or just a drill. Point is kids today need to be made aware of there surroundings and all the laws you pass won’t stop a crazed person from doing the unthinkable! Bad people will not follow the laws of this Country! _— Jaymes Lester

• How would expanded background checks prevented Sandy Hook when they were not his guns but his mother’s? Or are you going to seize all guns if a family member is considered unsafe? And what good are background checks if the FBI is just going to remove them from watch lists anyway? AKA Orlando. — Nikki Burris

• I’m talking about Delaware. Are you willing to give up your car because drunk drivers murder children? I bet you aren’t. Maybe we should limit it to 10 miles an hour because it’s statistically safer? We already have universal background checks. Could we add more resources to dig deeper? Sure. We don’t need to make more laws we need to enforce the ones we already have. — Joel K. Soze

• Using cars as a metaphor is a specious argument. Folks don’t purchase cars to kill things. Folks purchase guns to kill things. America has demonstrated it is not adult enough to have guns. Time to change things up and start protecting our children. More guns do not make us safe. — Rod Jackson

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