Speak Out: Cape student tests positive for COVID-19

A Cape Henlopen High School student has tested positive for COVID-19 and is to quarantine for two weeks, officials said in an email to families Tuesday.

• One student? This is news? — Mary Crossan Criscuolo

• It is for those of us who actually have children in school and family members that could die from this virus. If you don’t care, then just scroll on by. — Theresa Brown-Keating

• Why does it bother you that the news reports it? The public has a right to be informed. The news has a right and a duty to report. — Kasie Bell

• Does that mean that all of these “safety protocols” don’t work? Does “testing positive” really mean anything? — Dawn Lois

• Does one person dying in a car crash that was wearing their seat belt mean that seat belts don’t work? — Jess Mortillfem

• Wisconsin’s COVID is spiking wildly, and it coincides with the opening of schools. At least follow the information out there before you develop an opinion. — Patricia Marie Diienno

• As a Republican, I find it insulting that you think opinions should be based on facts. — William Mazzariello

• Made the school confirm they are practicing safe precautions. — Jon Falkowski

• No, it was caught, so they work very well. It does not say the student only went to school and home. — Diane Butters-Eastburn