Speak Out: Rehoboth Beach modifies face covering requirement

The Rehoboth Beach commissioners unanimously voted to lift the requirement of face coverings on the beach Tuesday. All persons within the city of Rehoboth Beach are still required to wear a face covering in all public places, including streets, sidewalks, parks, the Boardwalk and commercial establishments, with tcertain exceptions.

• Yeah, I’m sure that’s what kept people away. People aren’t ready and rightly so. — Eddie Curley

• Make up your mind! Open or close, period. Do this, but not that. Open this, but not that. — Hallie Dolbow

• And Carney can’t understand why New York and New Jersey put us on their “naughty” list. — Nancy Williams Roth

• The very fact that you have to wear a muzzle outside at all is ludicrous. I will not patronize any businesses in Rehoboth until the muzzle order is lifted for all outside activities. What a bunch of fear-mongerers. Death is not the worst thing, but the inability to live is. Your fear does not dictate my actions. — Dawn Lois

• It’s a mask. Calm down. You can still go out and about. So dramatic. — Jessica Gazvoda