Speak Out: Satanists’ vigil

The First State Satanists group has received permission from the town of Georgetown to hold a vigil on The Circle Dec. 21, the same date and time as a live nativity spurred by the Good Ole Boy Foundation.

Georgetown Town Manager Gene Dvornick said he received a “Circle Use Permit” request from the Delaware-based group and it has been reviewed and approved.

First State Satanists, a non-theistic modern satanic group, plan to hold a public candlelight vigil in observance of the winter solstice, the group announced in a press release Friday.

Per the request to the town, First State Satanists plan to have a vigil “celebrating their deeply held religious beliefs and religious diversity in Southern Delaware.”

• As a Christian I’ll be supportive of the Nativity scene. I’ll also be respectful at the same time to the other group. Curious as to the timing and location is all. — Willie Preacher

•While I disagree with the tenants of satanism, I understand the timing. Winter solstice (Dec 21) is a time of ritual and celebration for them. I find it odd that until now they never had an interest in public displays of such… politicking much? — Dawn Kifer

•One of the big things with Satanists is the separation of church and state. Showing up in conjunction with the nativity display makes sense. — Erin Williams

•Technically it’s called Yule and has nothing to do with either Satanism or Christianity. — Bryan Sherkey

• Thank you, because my family celebrates Yule. We don’t worship Satan. — Monica Prettner

• These folks neither worship nor believe in a literal Satan. — Ben Jones

• So what? In other news, people in Germany are celebrating Advent, Israel is celebrating Hanukkah, someone is celebrating their birthday too. — Sharon Lee Ponsell

• Unbelievers are placing themselves right in the circle of light. The prayers and the very presence of the Holy Spirit in that place is going to affect them in a mighty way. Merry Christmas Bearers of candlelight. You carry the light as a candle in your hands yet Christians have the light of love and the blessed Holy Spirit within them and the promise of everlasting life. — Cat Stenger Martin

•Not that I would ever attend, but everyone has a right to free speech in our country. — Diane Butters-Eastburn

•Religious freedom is religious freedom. As long as it doesn’t harm or infringe. — Eileen Reynolds

• There should be no religious activity at all taking place on public property, but I’m glad to see this response to the current situation, with other religions demanding equal access. — Eric Morrison

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