Speak Out: Arrest made in memorial damage

A 42-year-old Camden man was arrested Friday night after investigation into damage to the Delaware Law Enforcement Memorial earlier in the day, Dover Police said in a news release. Kyle Bullock was taken into custody without incident by Delaware State Police at his home, authorities said.

• Very glad they have arrested someone for this. And, check it out, this time they didn’t immediately release him on his “own recognizance.” – Bob D. Hartman

• His page lists his description of provocateur – someone who does something hoping someone else will be getting the blame. – Eileen Patricia

• Good work. Give him a few hundred hours of scrubbing other law enforcement vandalized memorials (community service). – Mike O’Malley

• Go figure, it’s a white guy totally unconnected to the protests. – Eric Morrison

• This statue is for all fallen troopers. I lost a good friend and classmate, Trooper Gerald Dowd, so this really hit home. – Douglas Waller

• Even worse is that he tried to infiltrate protest groups and agitated violence, and the group reported him to the police before he did this for his agitating actions. This needs to be investigated! – Bob Haynes