Speak Out: A civil war?

Readers reacted to a Letter to the Editor headlined “Trump fomenting a civil war” wherein Gloria Bakin of Dover wrote “For the second time in its history, the United States of America is engaged in a civil war. This time the weapons are words of hatred instead of bullets, and believe it or not, it is the president of the United States who is behind it all.”

• Nothing like secure borders, a successful economy and getting acquitted to… um…. start a civil war. — Chris Werner

• Those on the left have so much hatred in their hearts it is breathtaking. — Frederick Tate

• I think she’s pro truth and facts. Just because one doesn’t support this morally bankrupt man doesn’t equate to them being a Bernie supporter or a bleeding heart liberal. — Michael Jones

• The only war out there is socialism attacking American capitalism. — Jon Walczak

• Our biggest enemy is the media that only favors the left. — Philip L Puschel

•Sounds just like Hitler and those that supported him. The media was the enemy of the people. Any news organization that didn’t report flattering things were the enemy, but the few outlets that praise anything Trump was “fact based reporting”. Fox is slowly shifting and weaning themselves from Trump, which he’s railed against recently. — Michael Jones

• DJT is the most vetted president we’ve ever had. The liberals have tried every dirty trick in the political book to ruin him. Everything. I glad this was posted as “Opinion” because it has zero facts and only shows the true hate in your heart. Get over yourself and use your own brain and stop being a political lemming. — Robert Hawthorne

• Democrats have called every Republican presidential nominee and their supporters racist inbreds for decades. If a civil war happens, it would have little to do with Trump. — Ryan Fenimore

•Yes, getting rid of Trump should be a highest priority for all reasonable people. — Alan Muller