Speak Out: A ‘dumb idea’

Sussex County Councilman Samuel Wilson Jr. has never been afraid to voice his opinion. Tuesday, he may have ruffled a few feathers, calling coronavirus testing of poultry workers “a dumb idea.” “I’d like to give my opinion on that,” Mr. Wilson said during the Sussex County Council meeting. “What’s happening is, by sending all these testers down … running these big numbers up …. what it does, it tells the rest of them to go home. And they are going to have to close the poultry plant before long. That’s a dumb idea in my opinion.”

• Mr. Wilson probably has family, friends and neighbors that have had their income hurt by the virus shutdown, so a perfect solution to this problem of workers getting sick would be for him to suggest that his family, friends and neighbors apply for these jobs since he wants the plant to stay open. I’m sure all of them, including Mr. Wilson, can be taught how to dismember a chicken. – Diana Guinnup

• A human with no empathy. – Amy Goebel

• Can we eat empathy? – Tom Small

• Shows a real class difference. Those who have the funds and means don’t care about the ones that don’t. Who would want to work in a poultry plant? Let’s have that Sussex councilman and others work there, and see what they have to say then. Put up or shut up. – Brenda Baker Gardels

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