Speak Out: A fool’s errand?

Readers reacted to a recent Commentary by Reid Beveridge headlined “Impeachment effort by Dems a ‘fool’s errand’.”

•Convincing Democrats that anything that Trump does is a good thing is a fool’s errand. Their minds are they enslaved by the Democrats and their media. — Ryan Fenimore

•Well he did explode the deficit and abandoned our allies while sucking up to Putin and Kim. Didn’t replace health care with anything better, fix the infrastructure or get Mexico to pay for the wall but at least with the tax breaks he gave to corporations and millionaires we don’t have to worry about the top 1% anymore. — William Mazzariello

• A liberal talking about the deficit is the top joke of the day. Does anyone think all the free crap your candidates are spouting won’t expand it? Abandoned our allies? Which allies? France? Germany? Or the communist Kurd party who are listed as terrorists. Since when does a liberal worry what trump has or has not did? The biggest one he hasn’t done is drain the swamp. — Michael Scott Fulcher

•What we are seeing from the Republicans is a total obedience — a bend the knee to everything. Nothing that Trump has done wrong is even spoken poorly of. The Democrats have only voiced the atrocities. The Republicans have done nothing to chastise him for his actions. Nothing. Not a murmur. So who is less American? The ones that are calling out the constant breaking of laws? And protecting our constitutional covenants? Our freedom of press? Our freedom of religion? Our equal rights? Or those who are following the narcissist. Heading our country towards nationalism? Trump’s actions and the Republicans complacency is a serious reason for concern. — Dennis Norwood

• Then we are saying it is OK to hold back approved aid for help from a foreign government to help a politician win an election. That is the question. Any other situation is a separate matter. We need to enforce the emolument clause for all elected officials and their close relatives. If that was or is being violated. Again that is a different issue. — Pete Sullivan

• Congress gave a date for the aid to be delivered. They received it before that date. All he did was inquire about the corruption that Biden and Hunter had going on. Biden laughed about having the attorney that was investigating Hunter fired. So you think that’s OK? — Donna Walls

• Yeah, because (Trump) shouldn’t have been put in the first place. — Lani Cotton