Speak Out: Abuse of power?

Readers reacted to a recent Commentary by George Roof headlined “Impeachment a ‘misuse and abuse of power’”

• Better known as a coup. — Mark Schmalhofer

• I don’t think that word means what you think it means. Try again. — JJ McGlothlin Jr.

• BINGO Absolutely correct in his assessment. Good job George! — Frederick Tate

• If the writer cares so much about the Constitution, perhaps he should read Articles I and II of it. — Kathy Spring Jordan

• Impeach or shut up about it. They are scared to act. — Tom Small

• They are writing up the articles now. — Michael McGaughey

• Just another call for the lemmings to follow their leader off the cliff. This is an opinion, nothing more. Anyone who contributes to an opinion page should always say “In my opinion…” — Dan Fluman

• Poor babies. Simply can not except that their “little Donnie” has done wrong. These are the people who are protecting the real tyrant in our government. Let due process take its course. Allow for the “rule of law”. — Dennis Norwood

• “has done wrong.” Without any proof to back up that claim. All the witnesses haven’t seen or heard anything. The one that said “There was something” in his opening statement … then said 13 times “I didn’t actually hear or see anything to prove it” “Let due process” Due process is innocent until proven guilty. Not guilty unless Trump proves himself innocent. Kangaroo court ran by liars who can’t get over 2016 and who need to protect the children of Democrats who made millions from Daddy’s influence. — Chris Werner

• Witch hunt and make believe stories are what thrive the Democratic Party. Give them a few days they’ll think of something else.— Brady Allen

• Continuous impeachment is what we need.— Damon Keith Duvall

• What a wonderfully silly opinion piece, taking personal pride in the simplicity and completeness of the constitution, as if scholars haven’t argued over interpretations for years and no additional amendments were ever written.

This is followed by a rambling diatribe featuring ridiculous hypothetical questions and long disproved conspiracy theories. I understand you don’t rely on newspapers but you need to stop getting your information from memes. — William Mazzariello

• Good article Mr. Roof. It’s to bad that the liberal media can’t be more forthright, factual and objective. — Tim Shepperson

• Thanks George for taking the time to rebut some of these liberals that suffer from TDS and can’t think reasonably. They have no idea of the surprise they are in for on Dec. 9. — Bob Hice

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