Speak Out: Articles of impeachment

House Democrats announced two articles of impeachment Tuesday against President Donald Trump — abuse of power and obstruction of Congress — pushing toward historic votes over charges he threatened the integrity of the U.S. election system and endangered national security in his dealings with Ukraine.

• Notably absent from the articles were any mention of bribery, which House Democrats accused the president of committing in his dealings with Ukraine. Also absent was an article regarding past claims that the president obstructed special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into now-debunked criminal conspiracy between the 2016 Trump campaign and Russia. — Jason Claire

• I hope one day to see these seditious traitors hang for their crimes. Everything they have accused this man of is exactly what they have done. — Doug Reed

• Every since Trump’s been in office, he’s tried to erase everything Obama — even rolling back the clean air act in favor of big businesses. But there’s one thing he’s incapable of rolling back, being impeached. Mr. Obama wasn’t a corrupt egomaniac and wasn’t impeached. Trump will never go down in history as “the greatest president ever”, but he’ll make history as the most inarticulate, functionally illiterate, impeached mistake of a president this country has ever had that was laughed at and humiliated not by unfriendly world leaders, but by longtime friends of this country. — Michael Jones

• We elected Trump to undo everything Obama did. Under Trump we have now seen the greatest economy the world has ever seen, the lowest unemployment levels in 60 years, record highs in the stock market repeatedly and the list goes on. He will be seen as the best president ever. You Democrats are the laughingstock of the world with all this impeachment nonsense. Democrats will try to bring him down but in the end Trump will win because we are going to reelect him. — Vernon Weaver

• You know that Obama lowered unemployment and increased the stock market more than Trump right? — Matt Kay

• No quid pro quo, No collusion, No obstruction of justice. Just a bunch of whiny snowflakes and sore losers. — Willie Preacher

• Well Democrats have only been telling us they need to impeach Trump since the second day he was in office. In three years, these are the only charges they could come up with? And all the while denying his right to due process to a fair impeachment hearing? Even if this wasn’t a court case, precedent has always shown the president is allowed to defend himself in any impeachment inquiry. I’m glad Americans are waking up and seeing this for the sham it truly is. The only thing Democrats have accomplished in three years is shooting themselves in the foot from their TDS Syndrome. — Shawn Knox

• It must be so embarrassing as a Democrat to have Maxine Waters at the podium as well as Nadler and Schiff. Cringeworthy! So looking forward to not having them in office. It is shameful that our Rep. Lisa Blunt Rochester supports this waste of time and money. — Angie Bopp Martin

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