Speak Out: Articles of impeachment

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Friday the House will take steps this week to send articles of impeachment to the Senate ending Democrats’ blockade of President Donald Trump’s Senate trial.

• What a waste of taxpayers’ money. — Stephen Terrance Herd

• It’s going to cost almost as much as Trump’s golf outings. — Merv Sparks

They said the same thing about the Mueller Report even after all the convictions. But Hillary they could investigate until the cows come home, with no results, and they would do it again. — William Mazzariello

•This remains a horrible waste of taxpayer money, but that is nothing new to our Congress. — Dave McGuigan

 •First they couldn’t wait to “protect the constitution”, but then they waited three weeks to even sent it to the Senate. At this point the Democratic Party is a faith. — Ryan Fenimore

•Y’all seem to forget that Trump could have shut it down at any time by proving them all wrong. But withholding witnesses and requested documents was his decision He knew the outcome but continues to play the game. Also still obsessed with Hilary Clinton and using taxpayers’ money to look again into debunked and made-up conspiracy theories that yet again today found nothing. He is a mentally unstable conspiracy theorist. It’s rather sad. He is more obsessed with Obama than making his own legacy that could have been good. But now he will go down in history as the impeached 45th president.— Lori Dettinger Haggerty

• The Democrats are an embarrassment to the country. — Mark Schmalhofer