Speak Out: Bailout, beaches

President Donald Trump said last week the government should take an equity stake in companies that need bailouts because of the devastating effects of the coronavirus on the U.S. economy. Trump said during a briefing he has executive authority to curb the impact on businesses. “There’s a lot of executive power,” he said. “If we don’t have to use it, that would be a good thing, not a bad thing.”

• What about rescinding that massive tax cut he gave the super-rich and big businesses? – Michael Jones

• That’s a very smart move only a shrewd life-long businessman like Trump would suggest. you wouldn’t hear that coming from lifer-politicians who have only ever been paid representatives. – Dennis Kirkwood

• Nothing like a bit of organized crime! – Sheryl Pizzadili

• Repeat: our country is NOT a business. –  Jordan Irazabal

Gov. John Carney announced last week the state will close its beaches to minimize large gatherings as part of the effort to slow the spread of the coronavirus. The prohibition went into effect at 5 p.m., barring individuals from the beaches except to exercise or walk dogs where permitted. Local governments may enact tighter restrictions if they wish. The mandate will last until May 15 or whenever the coronavirus threat dissipates.

• Unfortunately, everyone at the beach yesterday proved that they can’t be trusted to social distance on their own. – Maggy Roof

• Common sense doesn’t grow in everyone’s garden. – Deborah Collins Nelson

• So, the nanny state has to keep us all in line, right? – Mark Schmalhofer  

• No one in my immediate family is high risk. I just find it astonishing how much change the governor has done, just because 45 people have it in a state with how many people? Seems way overkill. Every day I get off work, I turn on the news, and more closures and rules to follow with small number of cases. – Michael Campbell

• Do we live in a communist nation now where we can only go and do what the government says we can do? Funny how they say this virus may wipe out mankind, but they don’t want us to live in our final days. Just saying. It should be the people’s choice how they want to spend their time. Those who don’t agree won’t catch anything if they don’t go. Oh, by the way, there was ZERO social distancing going on in the Dover Downs parking lot where the food bank was handing out food and numerous people were walking around with zero protection, including the volunteers handing out that food. – Sandy Evans Primo

• People shouldn’t have been leaving their cars. Trunks were asked to be cleared. If they didn’t follow the rules, then they should have been told to move on. If people did what was requested of them to slow the spread, the government wouldn’t have needed to step in. People are getting what they’ve asked for, by running around like a bunch of wild, untamed children. I hope you and your loved ones stay safe from the pandemic. – Sally Turner

• We will end up with a communist nation because people won’t follow simple requests. I’ve noticed throughout this event that most people can’t see past their own nose and cannot grasp a larger picture. Minimize interpersonal exposure while still keeping our economy working was all that was asked of us, and people have ignored it. Now to prevent a catastrophic rush on hospitals we have to be treated like idiot children and be forced to stay home. We are getting what we deserve because adults can’t act like adults. – Aaron Mobley

• Short answer, yes, these measures are “communist,” basically in the way that the nation pulled together during WWII and 9-11. Except the enemy is biologic and requires intelligence to fight, not missiles and guns. – Holly Anne

• Yet a million and one people can be at Home Depot, Food Town and Shop Rite. You want to control where people go, period – Kimberly Elaine Winn

• It’s about maintaining a buffer to avoid spreading the virus. People walking or running on the beach for exercise or walking their dogs are not the ones crowding together less than six feet apart. Unlike your typical beachgoers, who are sitting side by side with friends, breathing in each other’s germs, sharing snacks, coolers, footballs, frisbees, and sand toys, and taking any germs they picked up from their beach buddies with them when they leave, potentially spreading the virus everywhere they go. – Kimba Daly

• If you sacrifice your liberty for security, you deserve neither! – John Kenton

• Free people need not seek permission from the government. – Darin Hoffman