Speak Out: Barrett keeps Dems, Trump at bay

Amy Coney Barrett said she’d be her own judge if she’s confirmed to the Supreme Court. But she was careful not to take on the president who nominated her and sought to create distance between herself and her past personal positions, writings on controversial subjects and even her late mentor.

• Not falling for their games and long-winded rants. — Howard Gaines III

• Yes, why should we learn anything about this lifetime appointment before it’s made? — Tommy Bou

Unemployment rates

Delaware’s unemployment rate dropped for the fourth straight month but still far exceeds the unemployment level from one year ago.

• Open the state, and those numbers will drop. “Help wanted” signs all over the place. — Faye Wing

• There are jobs out there. Only problem is some people don’t want to work now or they only want to work part time, so it doesn’t interfere with unemployment. — Julie Moore Graden

• Republican propaganda lie. America’s economy is in the toilet. Why is it when Republicans inherit a booming economy from a Democratic president, they turn it into crap every time? — Susan Janis