Speak Out: Bernie Sanders, Millsboro PD

Sanders drops 2020 bid, leaving Biden as likely nominee

Sen. Bernie Sanders, who saw his once strong lead in the Democratic primary evaporate as the party’s establishment lined swiftly up behind rival Joe Biden, ended his presidential bid on Wednesday. The Vermont senator’s announcement makes Biden the presumptive Democratic nominee to challenge President Donald Trump in November.

• As someone posted on Twitter “If the coronavirus is still going on in November I will wrap myself in protective gear and swim across a river of coronavirus to vote this president out of office!” – Brendan Warner

• Praying that we get a great leader! We need one now more than ever! – Liz Dunn

• You have the best person leading this country right now, and he will win in November, then Pence in 2024 and 2028. Democrats have sunk their own ship! – Dave Barker

• Sad, but to his credit, he is doing the right thing.  Now, let’s keep fighting for his agenda through and with Joe!!! – Pete Sullivan

Millsboro PD issues written warnings to out-of-staters

Calling it an “informational enforcement” campaign, Millsboro Police issued 76 written warnings to out-of-state visitors shopping locally last week. Officers made contacts at Lowe’s and BJ.’s Wholesale Club, from Friday through Sunday and provided copies of Gov. John Carney’s state of emergency order and 14-day quarantine requirements upon entering Delaware.

• Enough is enough with the warnings. It’s time for thousand dollar fines! – Peter Giaquinto

• Driving through the state without stopping is one thing, no issues there. Driving into Delaware from another state that has a high number of cases, stopping in and shopping in Delaware stores on their way to their beach house or to save from paying sales tax is unacceptable! This is exactly how this virus spreads and continues spreading! Any out-of-state person needs to be fined the maximum fine and escorted to the state the line! – Marc Auger

• Way to be using taxpayer dollars effectively. How about patrol for real crime? Also, the gov’s order allows for people to come and go. It’s a 14-day quarantine if they stay overnight.  – John Smith

• Good. I own a house in Delaware, and live in PA. If I would be at my house – which I am choosing not to do – I would stay inside and bring my own food. People are so freaking stupid right now. It’s beyond silly. – Steven Depuy

• Oh my god people! It’s their house! They can quarantine in their own house! Why don’t we just call out the gestapo?!? –  Dawn Lois