Speak Out: Best wishes to Rigbys

Readers reacted warmly to the news that Reese and Judy Rigby are headed on a well-earned “warm vacation” after their karate school, Rigby’s Karate Academy, closes its doors for the last time Dec. 23.

• Their teaching will be missed. Congratulations on your retirements! — Angela Tilghman

• Bestww experience ever for me and my daughter. Wonderful people. Awesome trainers. Congrats on your retirement. — Cheryl Hurlock

• Thank you for everything you have done. — Andrew Walls

• Congratulations Sensei Rigby and Mrs. Rigby! So very well deserved! I enjoyed taking karate from both of you and you brought much confidence to me through karate and taught me lots of discipline and respect! Enjoy your retirement! — Donna Moore

• They’ve done so much for so many children. Including mine. They deserve retirement. But they will be missed. — Lorelei Bather

•Congratulations on your retirement. My mom and I took Tai Chi classes and loved every moment. Thank you! Enjoy it! — JC Austin

•You two have given so much and deserve to now give to each other and enjoy yourselves. — Jane Jones

•I read this tonight in the paper. Such an uplifting couple and story. I love how when she missed him, instead of working against him, she decided to join him. — Danna Vanderwende Carter

•They taught far more than karate to thousands. Discipline and respect, self and of others — they will be missed so much! — JoVonna Hood Dodge

• Thank you for adding so much positivity and self esteem to my son’s life. — Gary A. Knox

• Best of luck to you in your next adventure! Thank you for all of the training you both gave our boys! Wish you had had a studio closer. We would have loved to have had four black belts under your teaching. What a wonderful experience! — Shelley Sapp

• Sensei and Judy Rigby have always been in my heart since the first time I met them. They are beautiful people and I often think about them. I have so much respect for the valuable service they provided to the community. They rightly deserve to enjoy their retirement. — Linda Sabo

• Sensei, Mrs. Judy Rigby, and the family of martial artists that their school has promoted will be missed, here and around the world! But this is a well-deserved Christmas gift of a lifetime — to each other. — Michael Tholstrup

• Enjoy your well-deserved retirement. I have fond memories of taking the girls to class and of the Dover Days presentations. You gave so much. I was always so impressed about the life lessons you gave the children at the end of each class.— Laurie Russell

• Sensei and Mrs. Judy Rigby were instrumental in helping me become the man I am today. I am grateful for having the privilege to train under them and carry the lessons of “Courtesy, Respect, Discipline, and Patience” into every facet of my life. — John Mollura

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