Speak Out: Biden and Burisma

Aleksander Kwasniewski, a former Polish president who is on the board of the Ukrainian gas company Burisma, said Thursday that Hunter Biden was indeed chosen to join its advisory board because of his name. He said that is simply how the world of business works.

But Kwasniewski insisted in an interview with The Associated Press that Biden was an active board member who helped the company, and that he never used his relationship with his father, Joe Biden, to further the company’s interests.

• Really like I didn’t already know your pockets must have had that Democratic lining in them. — Shelley Maloney

• How much did they pay him to say this? — John T Reilly

• Now let’s move on to nepotism Barbie — the 2019 Chinese patent queen. — Edward Carmean Edward Carmean

• The same queen that was in the business for years and not selected to it for political purposes? The same queen that works for her father for free? One of the few that the Trumpster can trust. — Bob Hice

• Joe was Obama’s point man in the Ukraine. Burisma was being investigated for corruption and had a terrible reputation. Of course they were tickled to pay Hunter to sit on their board, not just for his name, but for the insulation he’d provide with his daddy’s influence. Even the Obama State Depatment knew there would be a conflict of interest. But, the administration looked the other way because they knew the press would never shine the light of truth on the murky (at best) situation. Clinton was a sure thing to win back then. What could go wrong? Joe was so sure of her win that he was happy to brag on his own unmistakable quid pro quo.

Additionally, Dems were so sure of a win, they never worried about exposure of all the “deep state” corruption of all the three letter agencies, to include the tarmac meeting between Slick Willie and Loretta Lynch. How can any patriot, with even a minuscule amount of intellectual honesty, not condemn the activities of the Schiff/Nadler sham “inquiry”? Nevertheless, despite all the fake opposition, this president has accomplished so much. Hey, we’ve got a couple of independent investigations coming to a head in the near future. Now, things are going to get real interesting. Bring it! — Chris Wolfe

• What do you expect from a guy that was the leader of the left-wing Social Democracy of the Republic of Poland, successor to the former ruling Polish United Workers’ Party, and a co-founder of the Democratic Left Alliance. — Lisa Lange

• Wow the ex-leader of the third most corrupt government in the world says nothing to see here. That passes the sniff test.— Todd Yates

• Whelp, just add another individual to question during the Senate’s investigation. — Jimmy Cetnar

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