Speak Out: Biden, Bloomberg

Biden takes on Sanders

Joe Biden, standing on a Las Vegas stage roughly 1,000 feet from the scene of the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history, took on White House rival Bernie Sanders for his past vote to exempt gun manufacturers from liability for shootings.

The former vice president devoted the majority of his Saturday night speech at a Democratic gala on the Las Vegas Strip to deliver a fiery charge against the National Rifle Association and gun manufacturers, vowing to hold gun makers accountable if elected president.

• And Joe is the guy who advised to indiscriminately fire a shotgun off of your back porch? That anti-gun Joe? The Joe who is followed around by heavily armed Secret Service? He wants to sue gun makers? Even though all men are created equal, Joe is more equal than we are. — Chris Wolfe

• Because Sanders isn’t as stupid as people attempt to make him out to be. I just hope he keeps listening to the people and goes back to being neutral on gun issues. — James Decker

• I’ll back this when auto manufacturers are held liable for all our DUI fatalities and McDonald’s covers diabetes medications. — Justin Capps

• So what he means is if you die in an auto accident you can sue the maker of every component made up in your car. Goodyear tires, Safelight auto glass, Mobile 1 oil, Fran oil filter, just to name a few. Not the manufacturer of/or the gun’s fault. It’s the person pulling the trigger. — Kevin Gant

Bloomberg buying election?

Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden and Amy Klobuchar all targeted billionaire Mike Bloomberg, Sunday accusing him of buying his way into the election and making clear they were eager to take him on in a debate.

• As wrong as they are on most things, they are right on with this. — Jason M Giroso

• Spend all he wants. I wouldn’t consider anything but voting all red. — Stephen Malkowski

• Stephen, you mean you don’t look at candidates on a person by person basis? What they stand for, who gives them money, what they believe is good policy for you and your family? Do you ever really look into what platform they run on, their beliefs, how their decisions will affect you? Voting straight party lines is something I have never done and never will. Look at the person and if you believe they deserve your vote, that’s fine. Just sayin!— Steve Opdenaker