Speak Out: Bloomberg drops out

Billionaire Mike Bloomberg ended his bid for the Democratic presidential nomination on Wednesday and endorsed former Vice President Joe Biden. It was a stunning collapse for the former New York City mayor, who had his 2020 hopes on the Super Tuesday states and pumped more than $500 million of his own fortune into the campaign.

Bloomberg announced his departure from the race after a disappointing finish on Super Tuesday in the slate of states that account for almost one-third of the total delegates available in the Democratic nominating contest. He won only the territory of American Samoa and picked up several dozen delegates elsewhere. Biden, meanwhile, won big in Southern states where Bloomberg had poured tens of millions of dollars and even cautiously hoped for a victory.

• What a huge waste of 500 million dollars. At least he’s not like the politicians since he wasted his own money and not ours. — Ryan Fenimore

• He’s not done. Spending money at least. He’ll probably drop another $200 million on ads endorsing Biden. — Eddie Curley

• Guess Trump got himself impeached for nothing.— Peter Giaquinto

• He did nothing that warranted impeachment. It was a coup attempt by the swamp. — Mark Schmalhofer

• I would take Biden over Trump any day. Then again I would take anyone over Trump.— Vic McHugh

• This is the best that the party that hates old white men could come up with?— Jason M Giroso

• No more Bloomberg commercials. That’s the best news of the week! His insufferable commercials spread like the coronavirus and with worse symptoms! — Marc Auger

• For Mike it was never a race. more like a crawl — a very expensive crawl. — Bev Rhodes

• Is he trying to buy his way in hopes for VP? — Darlene Marie

• According to Reuters, Bloomberg has spent $452 million on his campaign with a bulk of the money going toward the funding of his TV advertising. Pete Buttigieg spent $74,859,527. What a waste of money! — Cal Staple

• Nice to see that the Democrats are listening to the people and not putting who they want up to run….oh wait. — Scott Cleg

• The most expensive loss in history. Proof again that you can’t buy likeability!— Howard Gaines III

• I’ve read numerous reports albeit opinions that as soon as the Democrat nominee has been decided this president will throw Pence under the bus and blame him for not responding or doing enough to combat the COVI-19 virus paving the way for him to get rid of Pence and select Nikki Haley as his VP in an attempt to get women, particularly suburban women, to vote for him. Sounds like something from his playbook. — Brendan Warner