Speak Out: Blunt Rochester joins Biden’s team

Delaware’s lone member of the House of Representatives will serve as a co-chair for Joe Biden’s presidential effort, the campaign announced Wednesday night. Rep. Lisa Blunt Rochester will join Rep. Cedric Richmond of Louisiana and Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti as official top advisers promoting the former vice president’s bid for the White House. The announcement came one day after Mr. Biden cleaned up in a host of presidential primaries on Super Tuesday, claiming at least a plurality in 10 of the 14 states casting ballots that day.

• If she’s an elected official of Delaware on our payroll how can she also work on Biden’s re-election campaign? Asking for a friend! – Tom Horn Jr

• Wait, doesn’t she already have a job representing the citizens of Delaware in Washington? – Chuck Mankin

• Her pay comes from ALL Delaware taxpayers. I strongly object to this use of her time. She needs to be 100% focused on Delaware. I guess she has time to ignore all the crime, opioid addiction, and poor conditions for some families in Wilmington. – Dave McGuigan

• Longing for those good old days when Republicans were accusing Hillary of have an unnamed dreadful illness she was hiding from the public. These people and their unfounded opinions and conspiracy theories, fake videos and phony statistics deflecting truth and science with a Sharpie. No wonder they voted for a con man. – William Mazzariello

• We’d like to see Hillary in jail. – Stephen Malkowski

• Yeah, and yet it’s Roger Stone and other trumpets that actually got convicted of crimes. – William Mazzariello