Speak Out: Bolton’s book

President Donald Trump told his national security adviser he wanted to maintain a freeze on military assistance to Ukraine until it launched political investigations into his Democratic rivals, according to a report in The New York Times on Sunday.

The newspaper said John Bolton’s description of his exchange with Trump appears in drafts of his forthcoming book. The revelation challenges the defense offered up by Trump and his attorneys in his Senate impeachment trial and raises the stakes as the chamber decided this week whether to seek sworn testimony from Bolton and other witnesses.

Bolton, who acrimoniously left the White House a day before Trump ultimately released the Ukraine aid on Sept. 11, has already told lawmakers that he is willing to testify, despite the president’s order barring aides from cooperating in the probe.

• When was the last time he said/she said held up in a court case? Bolton doesn’t have any physical evidence, just his word of mouth. So, this still doesn’t help the Democrats with substantial evidence. — Bobby Jennifer Skripko

•It is a leak on a book that no has seen yet so who knows it is true. This is Brett Kavanaugh all over again. Didnt work then wont work now.— Marie Cutillo Thompson

•What a jerk. Just a sore loser. Forget he was one of the people who loved keeping us in senseless wars. — Freda Barrett

• Amazing that 195 House Democrats voted to impeach Trump based on the evidence without Bolton but now Bolton is the key to their case. Bolton, the fired employee with an axe to grind and whose statement contradicts everything else. — Marc Auger

•“I disagree very much with John Bolton. His attitude in the Middle East and Iraq — was going into Iraq, I think that was a big mistake and I’ve been proven right but I’ve been against that forever. John Bolton is doing a very good job but he takes a generally tough posture.” How quickly they turn. — William Mazzariello

• John Bolton the liar? That John Bolton? — Kevin Farrell

•Ever time a Republican confirms whats intelligent people already know, Trumpees all of a sudden say they’re a liar. — Matt Kay

•Disgruntled old noecon who got fired and has nothing! Let me repeat that. Nothing! Unless you consider a pile of garbage. — Earl Lofland

• Why is it that anything that puts Trump in a negative light is called fake news? How many times does the “fake” news have to be proven to be true before before folks wake up and see him for what he truly is? — Dave Lewis

•Where is Bolton’s quote? where is the manuscript? OK, you have neither so here is an easy one who said that Bolton said it or heard it from a friend who heard it from another. As usual the anonymous person. Amazing how in today’s media society, you can say anything you want without having proof, and just say anonymous source and it’s OK. The media has become a joke in this country. It’s just as bad as the state-sponsored media in China, Russia etc. — Rene Rivera

• The comments are amazing. A party to the first part is a key witness especially when THE first part won’t let any one testify under oath on his behalf and exonerate him. — N Taylor Collins

• Still nothing new or impeachable. Move along to your next attempt. — Bob Hice