Speak Out: Bowers charter boat docked

May is a big month for charter fishing boats such as the “Captain’s Lady” that Capt. Trowbridge runs out of Paskey’s Wharf at Bowers Beach. If he or his brother, Willie, aren’t taking people out onto the Delaware Bay to fish, then they aren’t making any money. So, the brothers decided to run their charter boat with different rules, such as limiting the number of fishermen, social distancing, having temperature checks and making everyone wear facemasks. Unfortunately for them, they were stopped by the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control’s Police on Saturday night and again on Sunday.

• Temp scans are being done, social distancing is being done, 20% capacity is being done, masks are mandatory, and people are fishing for food, which is essential. – Paula A. Wetherall Wilson

• This is for fun. I’m sure they take them home, but it’s for fun. The whole point in a nutshell, he went out once, got an order to stop and he continued. The second time he KNEW he wasn’t supposed to be doing that. – Patty Phillippi Farmer

• You know who’s not fishing for “fun,” the charter captain who’s trying to keep his business or his house, or his family fed. – Bob Hartman

• They know their business is not essential, and they kinda came up with some things that they thought would keep people on the same boat safe for an all day trip. And then were arrested twice for doing the same thing? Another thing: No one said it was going get better after the first 30 days.  – Larry Josefowski

• How’s it right for other so called non-essential businesses to be open and these men are being harassed? – Bob Easom

• Delaware has left this up to tax code categories as what business can be open or closed. From the day a business receives its tax ID, it knows what it falls under. People may not agree with what is open or not, but sounds to me like the charter decided in their own mind it would be essential on that particular day. – Heather Laskey

• Yet the beaches and boardwalks are full. – Sharon Hamm Rollings

• It’s ridiculous how you can go to Walmart or Target but can’t operate a charter boat. – Lynn Hand

• What I’d like to know is why DNREC is not doing the same thing to all the boats going out of Lewes Harbor Marina?? Why are they allowed to  fish but Captain’s Lady is not?  My dad and I have been out on Captain’s Lady Charters many times over the years and they are a great bunch of guys!! – Lisa Reynolds Harper