Speak Out: Campaign finance data shows Delaware’s support for Biden

Joe Biden really has some enthusiastic fans in his home state. Per capita, Delawareans gave more to President-elect Biden’s 2020 campaign than residents of any other state, according to campaign finance data from the Federal Election Commission.

• You mean NCC and Wilmington. — David A. Gibson

• Kent is actually much more progressive than even 10 years ago. We’re comin’ for ya. — Jess Mortillfem

• This might be the most unbelievable headline ever. — Seth Greenberg

• Nah, not all Delaware. Only New Castle County, so let’s get that straight. — Charles Cain

• Nope, lots of people in Kent County. — John Anderson

• If a simple news report about fundraising bothers some of you so much, find a red state and go away. — Mike Zenorini

• No, Mike, the problem is not going to go away. Sorry. Not sorry. — Earl R. Lofland