Speak Out: Carney extends COVID state of emergency 30 days

Gov. John Carney on Friday formally extended the State of Emergency declaration another 30 days to confront community spread of COVID-19.

• How convenient he extended it another month which will end around election day. – Nathan Walston

• Do you want to be like Trump?? COVID-19 can strike at any time, anyone, anywhere! – Douglas Mastin

• Dr. Rattay, Director of the Delaware Division of Public Health, stated that the mask mandate and other restrictions will not be lifted until the majority of the population has immunity. Vote for change come November! – Grant Jones

• This is all a big game. – Patrick Raymond

 • A game ? Tell that to the 210,000 dead. Oh, and your POTUS. – Dave Bonar

• The virus is real. The response from the Democrats is a joke. This state of emergency and shutdown was meant to slow the spread, flatten the curve, give the hospitals time to prepare. We’re so far beyond that! Let people go back to work! Let people carry on with their lives! – David Melvin

• I wake up in the morning and think to myself, what game are we playing today? – Patricia Prete Krull

• If he gave in to those who think otherwise and the numbers started increasingly or doubling, you would be condemning him. It’s darn if you do and darn if you don’t. I’d rather be cautious and hope for the best. – S Carolyn Marney

• Thank you. Until we get testing and mask compliance we will never be able to open. “Thanks” to all who don’t follow the rules and listen to the scientists. – Theresa Brown-Keating

• If he shuts the state down they will complain and if he opens up they still will complain. He cares about the people and people think its control. It’s called being safe. This virus is still out there and everyone wants act like it’s a joke. Ask the man who thinks it isn’t that serious who is in the hospital now, Mr. President.  – Demby Ronda