Speak Out: Carney greenlights hybrid instruction

Schools will be able to open their doors this fall for hybrid instruction. “Safely reopening schools for Delaware children — especially our youngest learners and disadvantaged children who need in-person instruction the most — is the most important and difficult issue we’ll face as we continue to confront this COVID-19 crisis,” Gov. John Carney said.

• Stop using the school as a babysitter. — Terry Albert

• Most of us have day care for babysitting. We just don’t think our children’s education should have to suffer because we are essential workers. — Danielle Dixon

• Student education doesn’t have to suffer due to hybrid learning. Schools have had two months to prepare. Teachers and parents together can ensure students’ success. It’s important that we (parents) work with teachers, not complain or say things against them. We also need to remember that teachers are willing to give more assistance where needed. All we have to do is communicate with our child’s teachers with any questions and concerns as they arise, not at the end of the year. Let’s all work together for the success of our children. — Kathy Lee Joseph

• Some are good with the decision, and others aren’t. Either way, respect each other’s opinions. — Theresa Taylor

• I prefer to have the option for now. Not everyone feels comfortable sending their kids, and others don’t have a choice. I believe this plan makes it work for parents on both sides of the issue. — Zuly M. Bullock

• Public education is garbage, just like our state government. Don’t feed the machine; get your kids out now! — Dustin Smith

• No matter how hard you push the envelope, it’ll always be stationary. — Eddie Curley

• Full-time day care won’t switch to part time when school starts up? With this announcement, I imagine they will. Sounds like they are driving you crazy at home. Guess what, you birthed the little heathens. Their teacher wasn’t wrong about all their naughty behavior, huh? Guess what, they are kids and the timeouts aren’t working. Get them out of the corners, get off of your phone and go do stuff together. Buy bicycles, boogie boards. Google search educational things to look for at different sites. Make it a goal to fish every pond in the state or bike every trail. Explore and grow together. Have them do assignments while you work. Explore when both of you are done for the day. A little trip. Plan a trip schedule. A few times a week, do something fun. Cleaning can wait. Dinner can wait. This is such a valuable time in their lives. Don’t leave it to the state to fully educate. Take charge of their creativity while making memories.  — Heather Laskey