Speak Out: Carney “mad as hell” Delaware is back on NJ, NY, CT quarantine lists

Delaware is back on New Jersey’s, New York’s and Connecticut’s 14-day quarantine lists. And Gov. John Carney is not happy about it. “I’m mad as hell quite frankly,” Gov. Carney said. “And it doesn’t make any sense.” A week after removing Delaware from their COVID-19 quarantine lists, the three states put it back on. All three states now have 31 other states on their 14-day quarantine list.

• Shut everything down! — Tyronda Harmon

• Do all the Jersey people who come over here to shop, do they have to self-quarantine when they return home? — Barb Moretti

• They are supposed to but don’t. — Kathy Weiss Szramka

• Kind of like the people in Delaware are supposed to wear masks, but they don’t? — William Mazzariello

• So frustrating that we sit in traffic for hours every weekend, and every car around us is out of state. No wonder we are on the quarantine list! — Lindsay Newell

•  I will go to jail first, and when I work, I wear it over my chin not my face. — Paula A. Wetherall Wilson

• Waiting to see what you report as your experience when you or a loved one is infected. Nurses have put many people who did everything right in a body bag. Trust me, it is not fair to them for people who believe it is their will. Good luck and praying for your family members. This virus sucks the air out of you. It is a long, painful process and heartbreaking to watch. — Melody Happekotte Brown

• In 2009, H1N1 had about a mortality rate of about 0.02% with an infection rate of about 15. It infected about 700 million worldwide and was contained in about 19 months. COVID-19 has a mortality rate that is in flux, but it seems to bounce between 1.5% to 4.5% at the highest (not including age category differences), and this is because of being in the middle of the pandemic. We are currently in month six. It has infected 14.8 million, killed 612,000 and is still an ongoing situation. There are plenty of stories of young individuals, much like many on this thread, who had stated they wouldn’t wear a mask and, within three weeks, were dead because of an infection. Ignore this and argue with experts at your own risk. Don’t risk others’ kids or their families’ lives because you want a McDonald’s shake and be kid-free for six hours a day. — Craig Walter

• Then why did he allow the fair to go on? And why is he allowing a three-day NASCAR event at Dover Downs in the county with the lowest count? Instead of railing at other states, how about concentrating on what is going on here in Delaware? — Ronnie Ponde

• Viruses aren’t political, they just are. I wish people would realize that individual rights only extend as far as you not infringing upon someone else’s rights. — Lesia Annettra

• You can’t drink and drive. There are countless limitations to individual rights to protect others in order to have a functioning society Only in America would people politicize a freaking virus. Sweden did a period of no masks and no social distancing and paid for it dearly. — Lesia Annettra

• New York’s decision to add a state to a quarantine list has nothing to do with COVID-19 deaths. It has everything to do with infection rates. Many people who have died from COVID-19 aren’t traveling and aren’t contagious. But if a state exceeds a certain infection rate, their citizens, on average, are more likely to be contagious and pose a potential threat to others. — Bruce Anderson