Speak Out: Carney orders schools closed for two weeks

Gov. John Carney directed Delaware’s public and charter schools to close for two weeks starting Monday to combat the spread of COVID-19. Schools will be closed from March 16-27.

• This is great news! I get a break from school traffic! – Mark Schmalhofer

• A tough call, but the right one. Better safe than sorry. – Michael McKain

• So the great Democrat hoax has become a national emergency. Interesting. – Peter Giaquinto

• My kids will be getting all the overtime they can get. Both have jobs so instead of them wandering around in the streets or sitting home getting fat, they’ll be taking advantage of this two weeks of no school to put in more hours at their jobs. Sometimes tragedies can turn into advantages.  – Michael Jones

• I am in health care, and many of my coworkers will be unable to work due to our schools closing. I understand the precautions but at the same time Delaware (at that time had) only has four positive cases upstate. I really pray for those of us who live paycheck to paycheck that we don’t feel the pinch and lose our homes and cars when we cannot pay our bills because we are unable to work. – Heather Lynn Long

• I’d like to know when they are going to make up the time, if they are. We already have pre-paid plans for the week of spring break. – Kelly Reber