Speak Out: Changing of the guard on Levy Court

Early Tuesday afternoon, Levy Court President and 1st District Commissioner P. Brooks Banta, 84, announced he won’t run for office in 2020. He was elected in 1996 and has contributed 60 years of public service overall to his lifelong community.

Just as soon as he confirmed his upcoming departure through a short prepared statement, Mr. Banta endorsed longtime friend, fellow Democrat and former Smyrna Mayor Joanne Masten, 71, as his preferred replacement.

• Joanne is amazing. Best local Mayor I’ve ever seen. Actually cares for her constituents. She would be best for this position. — Lori Hollandsworth

•Two great public officials. Kent County is blessed! — Quentin Schlieder

• Joanne will be great in Levy Court. — Patricia Musto

• A great selection for endorsement. — Samantha Hemphill

• Can’t think of anyone better to replace him. — Josephina Duckery

• Oh goody. Another 70-year-old running for Levy Court. How about some new blood?

• Look at the ages of these people! Come on now! — Patricia Kasik Kaiser

• Those who question Joanne’s age obviously have no clue about her, her love for her community, her business ethics or work ethics. She will work for the people, not herself. She can teach the young ones a thing or two to pass down. — Linda Deaton