Speak Out: Christians in government

Readers recently reacted to a commentary by state Sen. Bryant Richardson headlined “What is the Christian’s role in government?” wherein he listed Christians “influencing government for good.”

• What about other religions? Is Christianity the only religion that exists in America and in Delaware? What about non-believers? This legislator has a long history of trying to legislate personal behavior and force his own personal “Christian” beliefs upon Delawareans. We do not live in a theocracy. Of course, I fully support everyone’s right to practice their chosen religion in their personal lives as they see fit. I also fully support non-believers. But religion should have no bearing whatsoever upon the political process or upon legislation. — Eric Morrison

• There should be no religious role in government. Period. — Matt Hickman

•You would rather have corrupt, immoral, liars and thieves as politicians? Because there certainly is no accountability these days.— Freda Barrett

•You cannot have religion as part of political doctrine. This country was founded upon the notion that no religion would forced upon anyone and yet here you are advocating for the selection of a state sponsored religion. Tell me Freda, which religion would you care to use for political purposes; Islam, Judaism, Buddhism? — Matt Hickman

• Why do Americans place their right hand on a Christian bible in our court rooms? Why are the president, congressman, mayors etc., sworn in using a King James Holy Bible? — Tamilyn Wyatt

• Separation of church and state. Zero role in government.— Eddie Curley

• Separation of church and state is the reason it’s as messed up as it is now. — Steve Peterman

• Commies should have no role in the government either. The Democrat party is inundated with them however.— Mark Schmalhofer

• That’s hilarious considering Trump is Putin’s biggest fan. That’s entertaining since the Trump Republicans spend our country’s birthday in Moscow, rubbing elbows with our enemy! That’s laughable considering the NRA funneled 30 million dollars of Russian dirty money to Trump in 2016. — Tee Brat

• That’s some serious TDS. Whoa. The article isn’t about Trump, nor was Mark‘s comment, yet you had to bring him up. — Rob Holley

• You’re thinking of leftist Democrats are just centered Republicans. However there are no leftists and government yet but we’re hoping and we’re working on it.— Copn Fred