Speak Out: Citizens United, Dover trees, Coronavirus

Citizens United

A commentary writer said “It is not only congressional representatives who do the bidding of Big Money special interests. Ms. Butler mentions the Article V convention process as one way to propose amendments to the Constitution. It has been said there is Big Money behind the push for a convention. Money is an influencer at all levels of government.”

• If corporations should be banned from making political donations, so should Soros and Bloomberg. — Charles Miller

• The Supreme Court finding that corporations are “people” is just plain wrong. And allowing unlimited money to influence voters is also just plain wrong. A constitutional amendment is the only way to reverse these horrible mistakes. — Chris Asay

Dover replacing some trees

Starting Monday, a month ahead of the city’s annual Spring Clean Up event, Dover began a large-widespread initiative to help “clean up” residential and business properties in the city, which includes looking at some trees that are damaging to the city’s infrastructure, namely dangerous, buckled sidewalks and covered streetlights.

• Dover is great for planting trees where they don’t belong and cutting them down a few years later. Such a waste of taxpayers money. – Vincent J Deskiewicz Sr

• Great, now they will cut down all the trees in Dover.  —  Ronnie Ponde

• They need to replace all the sidewalks.  —  Richard Ford

• Poor trees. Leave them alone!!  —  Gary Sparks

• Why did anyone plant trees between a sidewalk and curb?  —  Bob Hice

COVID-19: To panic or not to panic?

“SARS, MERS, Ebola, H1N1, Influenza, Coronavirus:  Is the hype and fear dominating the United States real or overblown?  Coronavirus is certainly concerning and should command the attention of the CDC and State Public Health agencies. Hospitals should be prepared with appropriate containment efforts and plans in place to minimize potential exposure to others.  When it comes to coronavirus, there is much we don’t know, and the unknown can sometimes lead to irrational fears and a loss of any sense of relative risk or probability,” said a commentary writer..

• Thank you very much, Dr. Nisbet for putting this out there. These are all the same things I have been saying after doing my own research. I think too many people have gone over the deep end on this. Let’s all just wash our hands often and avoid large crowds when possible, then we have done all that we can do for this. This too shall pass. — Butch Dunn

Helpful Coronavirus links

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