Speak Out: Citizens United, Teachers’ salaries

Citizens United

Letter writer says overturning Citizens United ruling is the right thing to do.

• United and big money in politics is a plague upon our democracy. We must do everything we can to end big money in politics, including supporting candidates who refuse to accept such money. — Eric Morrison for State Representative Citizens

• I want to give a sincere thank-you to Judith Butler, Bryan Townsend, David Bentz, and everyone else who is pushing to extract money and its influence from politics. I’m in favor of anything that gets us back to where we can at least pass legislation to that effect. It’s unfortunate that we need to amend the U.S.  Constitution to achieve that goal. But I’m glad we have people who are willing to roll up their sleeves and do the work. — Michael Keenan

• Let’s reverse Citizens United now! Let’s get the money out of politics and put the people back in charge! Let’s guarantee constitutional rights for people only, and not for corporations! We need Congress to propose a constitutional amendment. Wait! Congress? But aren’t they the ones benefiting from all that campaign money, special interest money, PAC money and Super-PAC money? It’s going to take a lot of action from “just plain folks” to put enough pressure on Congress to make an amendment happen. Count me in! — Chris Asay

• Thank goodness there are still people around that recognize the damage to democracy this has caused and will continue to cause for as long as we allow it. Red, blue or otherwise, the truth is that right now, the only color that seems to count is green. I’m tired of feeling uncounted and undervalued because of the almighty dollar. Instead of being ruled by a king (what we fought so hard to be free of) we are now ruled by the oligarchs who populate the 1%. Money shouldn’t be what gets you into office and it certainly shouldn’t be what keeps you there. You work for all of us. Thank you, Bryan Townsend and David Bentz, for making the efforts to show you care about working for us, your constituents. — Lisa Peterson Evans

• This is an important issue that often gets overlooked when discussing the issues that matter most. It is great to see discussion on the topic being published! — Nathan Schreppler

Teachers’ salaries

In 2019, the average teacher in Delaware earned approximately $64,910, according to data released by the state in mid-2019 that provides figures from 2015 to 2020. Over the last five years, Brandywine, in northern New Castle County, has remained among the public school districts with the top average educator salary. It was $74,550 there in 2019. Woodbridge, in western Sussex County, has remained among the districts with the lowest average salary, at $55,868, in the same year.

• Imagine being criticized for not working summers when you had no choice in the matter. Each year, summers are when teachers are involuntarily laid off. And that $41K salary? Under Markell, a dump truck of new time-consuming data collection was added to teacher’s responsibilities, without any negotiation and for zero increase in pay. The standards teachers work to are set very high. If you think anyone can walk in a classroom and deliver lessons of a high caliber day after day, you would be mistaken. Real learning environments are crucibles for all participants. All need periodic breaks from that crucible to maintain effectiveness. You have an opportunity to learn here, don’t ignore it. — Paul D Hayes