Speak Out: Climate change

The topic of climate change, its causes, concerns, impact and solutions, drew an estimated 150 people to two meetings held downstate last week to offer their input on the threat and the state’s plans to adapt policy to prepare for it. “You are here likely because you know that climate change is changing our way of life, disrupting our way of life here in the state of Delaware, and our economy,” said Susan Love, principal planner for the Division of Climate, Coastal and Energy.

• If China and India aren’t on board with stopping climate change then we shouldn’t wreck our economy to try to curtail it. — Ryan Fenimore

• Yeah, we should lead from behind. — William Mazzariello

• Considering the Paris accord was a fraudulent boondoggle then yes, pulling out of it was a brilliant move. Pro-tip: You aren’t going to die from climate change, so stop worrying.  — Rob Holley

• Yes, but your future family could. I guess if it doesn’t affect you now, it doesn’t matter? My kids and grandchildren need us to do everything we can so they aren’t left with nothing to salvage. — Tracey Miller

• Like I said, we are now leading from behind. Nothing to show for any policy of this administration except isolation and destruction. Or as I like to quote from your beloved leader, “Who knew healthcare was so complicated?” — William Mazzariello