Speak Out: Community cameras; Military injuries

Community cameras

Cheswold used most of its Violent Crimes Grant (VCG) funds, however, to purchase its first surveillance camera set to debut next week.

The grant was for $14,000 with $11,500 going toward a high-definition PTZ (pant, tilt, zoom capability) camera. Town council supplied the remaining $11,700.

Police Chief Christopher Workman plans to add a couple cameras annually, he said Thursday. Grant money typically comes available in September or October.

Readers reacted to the story:

•The way these shootings are happening in Dover, they probably need more there since there never seems to be any witnesses. — Heather Laskey

•Just think, Cheswold was broke 15 years ago. Moving up in the world. — Dennis Orlando Jr

•Cameras need to be installed everywhere. Speaking on behalf of Greenwood. — Kathy Dorrell

•Big Brother watching you. Years ago they put cameras up at lights saying it was to help monitor traffic flow, not long after they were turned into red light cameras. So what rights are you willing to give up and to what end? On them same streets would you have a problem with someone following you around with a camera? No different. — Jeff Grzeszczak

Well, if people wouldn’t run red lights constantly, those cameras wouldn’t be needed. Try obeying the law, Problem solved. — Melissa Epperly

• Just what we need. More government control. — Brady Allen

No cameras in Middletown and no problems. It’s just a way to generate money from issuing fines.— Nick Boggs .

•Put as many up as needed to help keep our communities safe. — Diane Duerr Partridge

Military injuries

The Pentagon disclosed on Friday that 34 U.S. service members suffered traumatic brain injury in Iran’s missile strike this month on an Iraqi air base, and although half have returned to work, the casualty total belies President Donald Trump’s initial claim that no Americans were harmed. He later characterized the injuries as “not very serious.”

• Trump lied as usual. There were concisions. — R Tamer Peel

• How did he lie? It clearly states in the article that he wasn’t told about the actual injuries until nine days later,. So how did he lie? — Lisa Garber

•He rushed to make it sound like there were no injuries when he did not know for sure. He downplayed his irrational behavior and said it’s OK that Iran has now bombed our base in Iraq. He lies, exaggerates or downplays to fit his own personal agenda and get attention and power (fear-provoking tactic) — this was an attention-getting scheme to win an election. He should have had the full backing of Congress before bringing us to the brink of war with Iran. — R Tamer Peel

• I don’t understand all the hate here? There were 34 soldiers evaluated, 17 have already returned to work. Most are on simple concussion rest. My son had symptoms for three months following his, but we are talking headaches not lost limbs. Plus you can’t always diagnose a concussion on day one. — Lisa Bell