Speak Out: Congress averts shutdown, buys time for more COVID-19 talks

Congress sent a temporary governmentwide funding bill to President Donald Trump on Friday that would avert a federal shutdown at midnight and buy time for on-again, off-again talks on COVID-19 aid. The bill sets a new deadline of midnight Dec. 18.

• Pelosi screwing over the whole country again. — Jon Walczak

• Is Pelosi president? I thought Trump was still in charge of the country. — Merv Sparks

• She likes to think she runs the show. — Lisa Reedy Olechny

• Well, Trump is for and has been for passing how many bills for “stimulus,” without the fluff. Of course, that isn’t actually related to the current situation at hand. — Tyler Rother

• That’s the Senate, run by Republicans, who passed it slowly and ensured, through bipartisan support, that Trump can’t veto it — James Cannon

• What fluff is that? I keep seeing people say that because I’m sure they overheard it, but no one has a clue what they’re even talking about. — Chris Henry

• Next Friday, the Senate is set to adjourn. — Ed Otter

• Trump already said, “Bring me the bill, and I will sign it.” Stop blaming the wrong people! — Patricia June

• Can we just get rid of California? Seems like they are the most corrupt state there is. — Linda White Lane

• No, get rid of Texas. They want to secede. — Susan Glenn Lambert

• Just get it over with. Shut everything down. It’s coming anyways. — Jessica M. Willey

• Having a House and Senate has proven things only work for one particular party and not the other. Majority this. Minority that. A two-party is killing our democracy slowly and daily. It is hard to say which side is truly for the people. — Chris Wheeler