Speak Out: Congress overrides Trump veto of defense bill

Congress has overridden President Donald Trump’s veto of a defense policy bill, a first by lawmakers since he took office nearly four years ago.

• I’m sure everyone complained when Obama/Biden depleted our military. This is an old political dodge. You put BS bills in with things that are really needed just to get it passed. — Kevin McCarthy

• What you may call pork are actually called negotiations and are strategies, compromise and/or agreements. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. By the way … renaming military installations isn’t a BS bill. Unless you have a love for racist traitors. — Tee Brat

• Billions will get wasted at the end of the fiscal year, while troops get a raise that barely keeps up with inflation and doesn’t keep up with the private sector, and our housing remains a mold-ridden, falling-apart cesspool run by corrupt contractors. Same garbage, different year. — Katherine Hannah

Year ends with 930 COVID-related deaths

Delaware ended 2020 having seen more than 58,000 COVID-19 cases and 930 deaths. The daily hospitalization total has exceeded 400 every day since Dec. 15. Delaware has reported more COVID-19 cases in the past seven weeks than in the first eight months of the pandemic.

• The death rate in 2020 was the same as 2019. On average, 7,500 Americans die every day. — Paul Davis

• Really? I know a 19-year-old, perfectly healthy, who died. How dare you act like you know anything? — MaryBeth Cichocki

• Tell that to the school-age, healthy children dying from the new strain in England, where it’s now being tracked. You were told to mask up and abide. Now, it’s morphed into something worse, more contagious. What will it take to shut you up and contribute to ending this crisis? — Patricia Marie Diienno

• What a horribly disrespectful way to refer to lives lost. I am quite sure their loved ones mourn them, especially since they most likely would have been unable to visit or attend to them in their last days and hours. — Beth Kopicki

• How many tests were used to get those results? — Shannon RS

• Yes, my dad was 91. Yes, he had diabetes. Yes, he had a high blood pressure, but, yes, three days before he went to the hospital, he mowed the front yard. A week before that, he went out on our pontoon boat with me, fishing. He was active and still drove. He died from COVID. I hope and pray they don’t have to go through the feelings I had to on July 4, when my father passed away. — Terry Duffy

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