Speak Out: Contact tracing: Response urged

Delaware’s new contact-tracing program, in partnership with the National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago, is expected to be a key tool to help combat the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. Delaware Division of Public Health is encouraging Delawareans who are reached through the contact-tracing program to answer their phones and participate.

• Nope, nope and nope. — Charlie Long

• Question is, how did they get our phone numbers? — Marian Parrish Coker

• Just won’t happen. — Amy Fritchman

• Think I will stick to common sense and education that I have acquired over the years that have helped me live this long with this many idiots around. — William Jamar

• The government has done little to curb tele-scammers, so we have become conditioned to not answer any phone. Ninety-nine percent of calls are scams. Ninety-nine percent of those have phony numbers on caller ID. A number of those on caller ID show “State of Delaware.” — Bob Hice

• Man, everyone here saying they refuse to speak to the health department because they fear some kind of government tracking or overreach. These are the same people who are fine with the government scanning photos of protesters and putting them in databases, arresting protesters and scanning their fingerprints, etc. And when I say protesters, I’m talking about those who march during daylight, not breaking anything or setting anything on fire. So, don’t even start with bringing up the looters. Not the same thing. — John Smith