Speak Out: Coronavirus, Climate change

Coronavirus confirmed in Delaware

Delaware has its first case of COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

• 0.0000005831 percent of death compared to the world population. Can the media hype this up more? – Kevin Outten

• Love that people have jokes about something that could potentially wipe out humanity. This should be taken very seriously. No one truly understands the severity of this virus yet. Please take care of each other. This is becoming a global pandemic. – Ron Harper

• Has the flu ever wiped us out? Get a grip. It’s a virus. – Nikki Robinson Wilson

• The flu kills more people a year then this has yet. – Amber Justin Futty

• I don’t see humanity being wiped out as a bad thing at all. – Chuck Mankin

• You have a bigger chance of dying or getting permanently disabled walking across Kirkwood Highway or driving on Rt.1 then contracting COVID-19 and dying from it in Delaware. – Sandy Evans Primo

• OMG I’m so glad I have 14,000 rolls of toilet paper, 10 cases of Jack Daniels, BBQ pulled pork and beefy meat! I.m ready! – Drew Cahall

• While I agree that this situation is quite serious, I think it’s a bit hyperbolic to equate it to the extinction of humanity since certain groups seem to have a natural resistance, such as the young. – Nancy Torres

• Food Lion on Route 40 had plenty of TP on the shelf for anyone wanting to hoard some. ¬ Mark Schmalhofer

Climate change

The topic of climate change, its causes, concerns, impact and solutions, drew an estimated 150 people to two meetings held downstate last week to offer their input on the threat and the state’s plans to adapt policy to prepare for it.

• We have done more to clean up pollution then any other country in the world. I find it ironic that in the 70’s we were going into the next ice age in ten years and when that didn’t come to be it became global warming and when that didn’t happen it became climate change which covers it all and which we’ve had for millions if not billions of years. I think that these climate change zealots give mankind to much credit. — Tim Shepperson