Speak Out: Coronavirus update

The Delaware Division of Public Health is working to prepare for a possible coronavirus spread, although no one in Delaware has tested positive for it so far.

DPH said Wednesday the state has activated its State Health Operations Center, continues to work with the federal government and local partners and is monitoring asymptomatic individuals who recently returned from China. Delawareans should be aware of the situation and have a plan just in case, although no one should panic, the agency said.

• Am hearing all over major news outlets that worldwide we are running out of N95 masks, Medical personnel shortages on protective masks/eye protection/suits… WHAT THEN?? Also, a person in California has tested positive for this coronavirus and they are saying it is the USA’s first case of a “community acquired” infection… they have NO IDEA how this person got it. Umm, pretty concerning… –Becky West

• These idiots that worship Trump don’t care. They are willing to traipse around like nothing is wrong. They are living in a vacuum. – Dennis Norwood

• N95 masks are on a two-month back order right now. – Jake Truitt

• No worries, Pence will pray it away. – Peter Giaquinto

• You know nothing about faith, just one more liberal lie from you to add to list. – Jeff Grzeszczak

• No problem, we can all use the 5 billion dollar Obamacare website to get better… – Marc Auger

• Faith isn’t going to save you from this. Personal hygiene, common sense, and science is your best hope right now. Your faith only helps if all three of those don’t! – Rick Reed

• I would rather be an American than a Democrat. – Mark Schmalhofer

• Democrats didn’t vote for a communist chosen candidate. One that has proven his allegiance to the Russians over and over again. —Dennis Norwood

• Geez … calm down. — Edna Staats

• Thankfully … most folks work in prison cells … er … excuse me … CUBICALS and are packed in all over the office for ideal spreading, and schools are designed to make sure the flu or virus spreads fast and easy. Most businesses feel it is incredibly important to WATCH you sit in your cube … and never invested in remote worker configuration. I have read in just about every report masks are pointless as they do not stop this virus in any way and yet everyone is still thinking masks. Our own government packs infected with non-infected in a plane and ships them here showing ZERO common sense on isolation. Then we have the virus magically showing up out of no where in locations and no one is questioning that? Amazing. But best of all … the state of Delaware says they are ready … wow. – Jim Green