Speak Out: Corporate welfare

Readers reacted to a recent letter to the editor by Rep. John Kowalko where he wrote “Amazon, the multi-billion dollar conglomerate owned by one of the richest individuals on the planet, Jeff Bezos, is asking for $4.5 million in Delaware taxpayer money to establish its operations in Wilmington”

• I’m not in favor of giving anything to Amazon. However, how many jobs would this create? You know, people that would be paying taxes and generally spending money? Or does liberal Delaware like raising its unemployment numbers when the country is at record lows. I remember several years ago when Minner gave millions to Playtex just to keep them in town. Well, I ask, Playtex, I mean Energizer, no, actually Edgewell is still here but how many are employed now versus when they were handed the money? — Bob Hice

• Aren’t these grants available for every business that creates permanent jobs in Delaware? Doesn’t this translate to potential billions in other tax revenue? — Dave Fisher

•Trump is cutting funding to education,, department of energy, highway infrastructure, USDA, environmental control. And Amazon is paying no taxes. The government is not here to run businesses and constantly fund them with incentives. And Delaware should not expect their constituents to have to suffer because of corporate welfare for the rich. We are now bailing out farmers because of Trump’s trade wars. When an administration acts recklessly with their policies why should the people foot that bill. Amazon profits soar. And they take on no obligation that other businesses that are struggling to make by are paying. — Dennis Norwood

• Amazon has been notorious for hiring people on a temporary basis, thus not really alleviating the burden on public services such as Medicaid, food stamps and permanent employment in general. How much do temporary jobs help the state of Delaware vs. how much Delawareans are buying from Amazon? Unfortunately, this is just another Walmart situation in the works.— Heather Laskey

• How much will New Castle County make in building permit fees? How much will DELDOT extort in road improvements? How many jobs will be created for low-income people? $4.5 million is a drop in the bucket for Amazon and the state. Don’t be another AOC and let them build. — Bill Hargrove

• Amazon will do this job with or without the state’s money! — Chad Ciancio

• Even though I am against tax money like this, he should of at least used the correct information. It isn’t a $4.5 million gift. It sets up an escrow account that only releases money when certain benchmarks are hit. Delaware is dead last for economic growth in the U.S. The state needs this project. The construction jobs, the jobs Amazon creates, and all of the secondary support jobs that congregate around buildings and businesses of this size.— Jake Truitt

• If I was Wilmington I would welcome them with open arms and a pocket full of money, Wilmington needs all the help it can get.— Charlie Harper