Speak Out: Councilman’s son seeking his seat

After 12 years as Sussex County Council’s District 2 representative, Samuel Wilson Jr., at 82, has decided to call it quits. His son, Robert Wilson, is one of three Republican candidates for District 2.

• Hasn’t Sussex County and County Council had enough of the Wilsons? — Brendan Warner

• The board needs more representation. It can’t be all old, white guys. Doesn’t reflect the county. — Rachel Hearn

• “Old, white guys,” huh? Sounds a little racist and sexist and ageist. How about the person most qualified? — Dawn Lois

• We have given too much control over our homes, businesses and lives to local authorities. At a minimum, business licenses and property taxes need to be abolished now. How about personal and business income tax that’s then evenly distributed amongst all schools? Then, you own the property outright and can’t have it made unaffordable or impractical to maintain once you’re retired. And you eliminate the great disparity that exists between what’s available in public schools in districts where the extremely wealthy live and those that aren’t as fortunate. — Pamela Cochran

• How about not giving banks and Amazon free money? How about not giving UD, who charges an absurd amount for instate tuition, $130 million a year? How about holding corporations accountable for things like water pollution, instead of “clean-water” $50 million initiatives that only serve to give their cronies taxpayer dollars rather than introduce legislation to  preventing it happening again? How about DNREC actually collecting fines for pollution? How about increasing the fees on MMJ facilities, since they are raking in money and only pay an $80,000 license fee? How about building a recycling facility? — Beth Gallagher

• Sussex County’s good old boy system. — Stephen Vezmar