Speak Out: Court packing issues loom supreme in November

One of the big issues in this year’s presidential debates is whether the Democrats, if they win the White House and a Senate majority, might increase the number of justices, especially if Judge Amy Coney Barrett, nominated to the high court by President Donald Trump, is confirmed by the Senate between now and January.

• Imagine if President Trump said he was going to pack the courts. You people would lose your minds. — Stephen Terrance Herd

• He has been and still is. Court packing has been taking place for the last 3.8 years and continues with this SCOTUS nomination. — Rick Reed

• I mean, he’s already proving Republicans have no integrity with his SCOTUS nomination.  — Chris Henry

• Everyone is so locked in on their opinions and determined to change the opinions of their opposition. Consideration and compromise is the only way to find lasting solutions to our problems. Rudeness and ignorance only provoke more of the same. — Carol Rogers

• A 6-to-3 court is not good, no matter which side is the majority. More balance is needed. — Elaine Russell Ringler

• Let’s argue about something that hasn’t happened yet, and no one will say what they are going to do. That will show ’em. — Ashley Reynolds