Speak Out: Court rules deer hunters can use semi-automatic rifles

Deer hunters in Delaware can now hunt with semi-automatic rifles, according to a ruling in Superior Court. A lawsuit filed on behalf of the Delaware State Sportsmen’s Association claimed that the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control had “unlawfully restricted deer hunters from using certain firearms otherwise permitted under Delaware law,” according to the court.

• Just in case the deer fire back, I reckon. — Larry Josefowski

• Anyone who needs a semi-automatic rifle for hunting of any kind, even deer, has no business with a hunting license in my mind. Yes, to answer the questions of the skeptics, I have hunted most of my life, and I am 71 years old! — Thomas Kellems

• It’s not because anyone needs it, so to speak. Semi-autos can be chambered in calibers that are legal in other rifles. Why make it more restrictive to hunt by having people buy additional firearms when they already have one that is suitable? — Justin Brant

• The Second Amendment doesn’t have stipulations for certain types of firearms. — Shyla Lyons

• We are limited to three rounds. The suit was basically about my rights under the laws of Delaware. — Dave Bell

• And everybody always follows the rules. I call BS. — Terry Albert

• Nowhere does it mention capacity. It’s merely an issue of caliber.— John Colley

• I guess it’s a matter of how good you are with a rifle. I hunted for years, never needed more than one shot! — Mike Alexander

• You’ve got to be a pretty pathetic hunter to need this weapon. — Eric Howlett

• This may help people understand a little better. No one uses a semi-automatic “assault rifle” to hunt. In Delaware, semi-automatic shotguns and rifles are used. Not automatic. These firearms can only fire as fast as one can pull the trigger. Also keep in mind, unless during the snow goose conservation order, a hunter’s firearm is only allowed to have three shells loaded at any time. A shotgun must be equipped with a plug that limits the capacity to only three. There are also instances where there are multiple targets, such as duck hunting, dove, deer, etc. The ability to effectively and humanely harvest should be given to hunters. — Rick Boyer

• While I can see the point about allowing it … wouldn’t you be a bit embarrassed to actually say you need a semi to hunt deer? Kind of like needing training wheels on a Harley. — Larry Josefowski

• Run a bow like a real man. — Michael Joseph